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Our services:
  • Mergers and acquisitions(M&A),
  • Strategic joint venture and partnering,
  • Equity capital markets, private equity,
  • Financial services, insurance, investment funds etc.
  • We structure top-level transactional work for local and global clients in the corporate and financial institution sectors.
Our clients are among the leading Financial Institutions in Nigeria and beyond; to mention a few, Access Bank Plc and United Bank for Africa Plc.
They regularly conduct high value transactions that require layers of financing and loan structures. Their businesses transcend borders and jurisdictions and its success largely depend on legal advisers who understand the nature of their operation.
To offer acceptable corporate finance services, we:
  • Negotiate banking and hedging facilities, disposals, bond restructuring, debt and project financing, schemes of arrangement and capital raising transaction.
  • Conduct extensive due diligence in any part of Nigeria.
  • Prepare and perfect all forms of security and financial documentation including consortium and individual loan agreement, mortgages, bills of sale, guarantees, debenture, debenture trust deeds, chattel mortgages, equipment leases, debt rescheduling documentation and debt recovery.
Our services:
  • More than 80% of our local staff engage the financial institution sector. That is one reason why more than 50 per cent of our business comes from financial institutions.
  • We cover asset financial banking, corporate financial, dispute resolution, financial services, securities, investment funds, insurance and project finance. Institutional Debt Recovery.
Our clients are among the leading Financial Institutions in Nigeria and beyond; to mention a few, Access Bank Plc and United Bank for Africa Plc.
Real Estate
Since 2008, the firm advised on real estate private equity funding and is primarily been involved in real estate investments of ExxonMobil Staff Cooperative Society on a N950 million worth structures consisting of over 50 buildings of semi-detached and bungalow estate structures located at the Shelter-Afric Area of Mbiabong Etoi Community in Akwa Ibom State Capital City, Uyo.
Statutory Compliances
JUSTICE FORTE facilitates statutory compliance with mortgage and loan requirements of government departments, urban development agencies, and has conducted institutional due diligence, probate, claims, and records for titles on behalf of financial institutions, agencies and self-insured corporations.
The firm advices widely on insurance claims, harnesses premium returns for insured policyholders, structures confirmation of adjustor or appraiser valuation and also franks and draws up policy conditions and benefits. Any resource that enhances efficiency and good will is a tool for us. This process is what makes law practice very satisfying for us. We meet client peculiar needs by varying conventional solutions.
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