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How do you approach the court on behalf of your client when its real estate initiative previously well projected goes sour with defendant sued for human error defaults of a third party and not quite the defendant's fault?
As A Defendant
Our law firm was engaged to defend multiple suits brought by aggrieved contractors whose tenders and contract initiatives culminated in unsavory undercutting of a third party. Litigation was not an attractive option but we built a firewall defense nonetheless, and later conceded to plaintiffs' doorway to settle through mediation and negotiation.
As A Norm
Justice Forte's litigated matters in state, federal, and appellate courts need not follow stereotypes.
Rather than a one-size- fits-all approach, we treat each client and brief differently, watching and updating the beneficiary the whole length without compromising our duty to the courts.
The exciting challenge comes when our retained client is sued on a dispute and we just go to defend in court. The passion for justice drives every good advocate; no less us.
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