Ben Ndedde

Ben Ndedde
Practise Areas
Litigation, Corporate & Commercial Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Technology and Intellectual Property Law

Ben Ndedde

Lead Partner
LL. B (Hons) BL ChMC ACIArb

Ben Ndedde is a dynamic lawyer with several years in the legal profession and membership of several Local and International bodies.
He is currently the Managing Partner of Justice Forte Chambers. Beyond managing the firm's affairs, he leads a team of brilliant lawyers in the Litigation & Corporate Commercial practice group
with further oversight in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practice of the firm. He sees ADR as a melting pot to reconcile disputing parties for long term business relations.

We are not just another law firm. We know you need results, not stories. And so, we under promise on your brief and over perform on result. When a brief requires attention on the finest details, that's where we fit in.

He has done recoveries for banks and corporate in tribunals, trial and appellate courts.
He is an avid player of table tennis, loves science fiction & epic movies and loves books especially.

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